Most businesses observe a visible efficacy in their supply chain model as soon as they pay attention to employee management. As of May 2022, surveys suggest that around 30% of employees are not happy at work. If the feeling of dissatisfaction and discontent prevails among employees, organizations can end up losing a quality workforce.

We’d recommend you implement a deft employee management program to assist your employees and business performance. Field expert Courtney Pace feels employee management directly translates into performance management.

Not too sure about the right employee management strategies? Eyal Dulin can help you take your business forward with our standard employee training strategies.

Check out these employee management ideas for your business.

Task-Employee Alignment

If you want your team to do well, you will carefully recruit members to your team. The very first step: Selecting an employee for a task should be as careful as any other! How recruiters select and interview candidates for the task matters. These days, recruiters are going all out with their job offers, leaving room for salary negotiations and better pay. There’s nothing more profitable than hiring the right candidate for the job today!

Tangible KPIs

You’re not going to know if your employees deserve a promotion, are working par caliber, or delivering desired outcomes if you don’t have set KPIs for their job. Key performance indicators are tangible factors that employees can gauge their performance against. They should be specific and achievable. Make sure you hand out the KPIs to your employees for exceptional transparency at work.

Quality Enhancement Cells

As the name suggests, quality enhancement cells are responsible for quality assurance and measuring employee performance at work. QECs work to ensure work quality, efficiency, and appropriate customer-business engagement. QECs should be allowed to assess employee performance and devise employee feedback forms at work.

No Feedback, No Quality Work

Without you enforcing good and bad working practices through timely feedback, don’t expect good results. Timothy Carter writing for Entrepreneur insists employers shouldn’t shy away from handing down formal and informal feedback.

Try the “compliment sandwich” approach while giving feedback. Begin and end your feedback with compliments and mention the negative feedback between the two.

Contact Al Dulin for employee training and management strategies.

People planning

Make and Break Teams

Teamwork is what keeps a workplace going. Make teams as a convenient way for people to interact with each other. Dissolve them after the task is accomplished, only to make newer teams for new tasks. This way, you will sustain workplace communication in its ideal form.

With an impressive work portfolio and years of experience in business sales, Eyal Dulin is the right person to be strategizing your employee training and effectiveness models. The business consultant leads his own company in South Africa and offers employee training services to businesses operating throughout the US.

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