Working in the field of sales can be an amazing experience for any corporate executive. It leads to many greater opportunities in the future and opens many doors for creative individuals. Having sales experience on your resume improves your chances of working up the corporate ladder. To run your entrepreneurial venture, you need to understand the techniques used in sales.

Once you earn sufficient expertise in sales operations, you have the tools to diversify your employment portfolio in any way you like. So here are a few mistakes you need to avoid to become an expert sales executive and achieve your potential.

1. Talking Instead of Listening

Most sales reps are so desperate to generate a lead that they forget to listen to the potential customers. They talk excessively and miss out on many opportunities that come their way. Listening to your target audience will help you communicate better, and you will be more likely to make a sale. So take Eyal Dulin’s advice and become a keen listener to further your sales career.

2. Lack of Focus on Product Features

When discussing a product, you need to focus on its problem-solving qualities more than any other feature. It will make your interactions more productive, and your audience will show more interest in your offers.

Working on sales leads

3. Not Mentioning Product Value

Inexperienced sales executives believe that customers are more likely to buy a product that has a lower price. But according to Itzhak Dulin, customers prefer product value over cost savings. So sales executives should emphasize the value more and build up their customer network.

4. Lies and Fake Promises

Lying about product quality may lead to short-term benefits, but it ruins your reputation over the long term. Al Dulin encourages sales executives to avoid making impossible promises to their clients and work towards long-term goals.

5. Mishandling Objections

A good sales rep knows how to act in an unfavorable situation and uses objections as an opportunity. With thorough preparation, any sales executive can handle objections well and generate impressive responses.

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